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Server Problems Update
We're still suffering from the ongoing server trouble at GameSpy. It has been almost two months ago when the problems started, not much has improved since. However we have the site, forums backed-up, ready to move to a new, stable server once we got one. We'll do everything we can to minimize any further downtime.

The official TresCom site can still be accessed here (if the server allows) and the forums here. The temporary miniboard will remain online until we've moved to a new server.

We've decided not to wait any longer with the release of the TresCom Isle Beta, so here it is.

TresCom Isle Beta - Now Available

TresCom Isle is an extension to the original levels of the game 'Trespasser' where we take our heroine, Anne, by balloon to a small island near Site-B. Downed by angry Pteranodons she has to make it across the island, to the crater of the volcanic island, where she descends belowground to uncover even darker secrets which InGen, the company that build Jurassic Park, was hiding from the world.

We know you've all been waiting for a long time, and we hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed creating it.


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There are two versions of the Beta, a low detail and high detail version. If the original levels of the game run poorly on your system when the detail options are set to maximum, it is recommend that you download the low detail version. All other modern systems should be able to run the high detail version without much trouble.

In order to meet our copyright policy we have encoded the installer. This application will display the password if an installation of a legally obtained version of Trespasser is detected.

High detail (65.2mb):
    Primary: FilePlanet (download requires free registration)
    Mirror 1: JPDatabase

Low detail (65.2mb):
    Primary: FilePlanet (download requires free registration)
    Mirror 1: JPDatabase

A big thanks goes to Jon from JPDatabase for donating webspace and bandwidth to host the mirrors.

In case you have problems with downloading, installation or other technical issues you can ask for help on our miniboard or contact us by e-mail:

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If you want to host a mirror of the files, don't hesitate to contact us (please contact Paul).